This procedure is an innovated breast reduction technique in which the stem of the feeding nipple and the areola are compared with the commonly used methods of breast reduction in which the reduction is based on an anatomical constant “septum” located in the breast tissue. This septum contains major blood vessels and nerves that feed the nipple and areola.

As with other reduction techniques there are circular scars around the areola, a vertical scar below the areola and (often) a scar underneath the breast fold. These scars are similar to all standard reduction techniques. The exceptional benefit of this technique is the particularly well preserved sensibility of nipple and areola (compared to other techniques that sometimes cope with this problem). Furthermore, this technique provides a nice shape to the breast and a good position of the nipple because of an easy manipulation of the structures of the breast by easy exposure of the septum which simplifies the reshaping of the breast.

The safety and efficiency of this technique has been published in an upcoming medical journal.